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Tips to Keep in Mind When Maxing Out Your Mancave

Tips to Keep in Mind When Maxing Out Your Mancave

What gets a guy’s blood pumping faster than thinking about creating the ultimate man cave where he can get away and enjoy some serious bro time? This is what dreams are made of! When your time arrives and designing a man cave finally gets the greenlight, there is a lot to take into consideration so that you don’t wind up with any regrets.

Whether it’s finishing a basement, repurposing a garage, or simply remodeling the den, this new destination space deserves the best planning possible.

Convenience Is Key When Designing A Man Cave

One of the biggest causes of remorse following the construction of a man cave is a lack of plumbing. The last thing a dude wants to do is traipse across the home every time he needs to visit a restroom or grab a snack! Including plumbing in your plans will go a long way to saving you those walks of shame. Installing a water closet as part of a man cave will provide great convenience for you and your guests.

While any contractor will let you get as fancy as you’d like, consider using less fragile finishes in your man cave. High-maintenance materials that are easily damaged and expensive to replace could be more trouble than they are worth in the long run.

A modern industrial look is making moves as the current trend in man cave design. This theme allows the use of metal and wood more so than glass or other delicate materials that will require extra care to maintain.

Give Some Attention to What Is Unseen

Wiring in the walls and ceiling of a man cave is critical to its functionality and ability to upgrade over time. Create more conduits than what you think you will need so that you can more easily rearrange furniture and audio or video equipment later.

Don’t leave out the real jaw droppers when it comes to designing your man space! Strategically building a hidden humidor or refrigerated cabinet to house a built-in tap will have your buddies saying, “Aw man, that’s cool,” the moment they see it.

The right contractor like Construction Collective will be able to accommodate any of these added touches to make your man cave unique and fit your specific needs perfectly. Call Construction Collective at (800) 704-1006 or use our online contact form to schedule your free man cave consultation.

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