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The Benefits of Spring Home Renovations

The Benefits of Spring Home Renovations

Not all of us are able to choose the time of year for building an addition or remodeling our home. However, when choosing the season is an option, spring presents the optimal climate for new projects.

There Are More Benefits to Spring Building Than Just the Weather

Even with the chance of thunderstorms and other rainy weather that often accompanies the season, spring still has the best conditions for construction. The mood that spring weather leads to with plants blooming and temperatures rising provides motivation to get the job done quicker. The comfortable climate of spring is much more pleasant to work in over the scorching heat of summer and frigid cold of winter.

The more enjoyable weather of springtime also gets people wanting to be outside more. This desire for more time in the elements leads to homeowners thinking about additions to their existing space. Screened-in porches and sun rooms are a great way to scratch this itch. Building a new space that provides a front row view to the beautiful sights of spring not only lifts the spirit, but also increases the value of the home.

Remodeling in the Spring Comes with Benefits

For those who have an unfinished or unusable basement, spring is the perfect time to consider a remodel. Renovating your basement can provide for an ideal space to beat the heat once summer rolls around. With most basements being at least partially underground, they tend to stay cooler in the summer.

The dirt that surrounds a basement’s walls is an exceptionally good insulator. As seasons change, the temperate of the soil underground reacts to the changing temperature of the air much more slowly. A naturally more comfortable living area will keep you from having to jack up the AC just to keep from breaking a sweat.

With so many prospective home buyers on the hunt before the summer hits, spring is a great time to attract them if you are considering selling your home. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom might just make the difference for those looking to purchase in the peak moving season. Even a simple job like updating the flooring in your home can make it much more attractive to buyers.

If you are considering an addition or renovation of an existing space, contacting an experienced custom design and build company like Construction Collective is your best first step. Call Construction Collective at (800) 704-1006 or use the online contact form and speak to one of our team members about how a project this spring can completely transform your home.

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