The Best Flooring For Your Home Or Business Is Flooring That’s Properly Installed

Step-Up to outstanding flooring solutions like laminate floors, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, fine carpet and ceramic tile from Construction Collective. Our professional flooring crew delivers your home the highest quality installation and flooring designs at amazingly low prices with outstanding value and quality. Plus our many benefits include the best warranties on the market, and all at a great value that is second to none for you and your family.

Also, the all-new lines of fine quality flooring offers you organic beauty and unmatched durability in a limitless range of designs, sizes and colors to choose from this year in ceramic tile and new hardwood flooring. In addition, beautiful and durable tile flooring is distinctively unique, and this proven flooring solution stands the test of time after long hard use even on those high-traffic areas that can be nightmares. You can also choose form fast installation flooring, and sometimes more cost effective flooring choices like new carpet or laminate flooring that we can quickly and easily be installed in less than seven business days under most circumstances.

You’ll Love Our Expert Flooring Installation For Vinyl Floors And Laminates, Hardwood Flooring And Much More

We use only experienced tile, laminate and ceramic flooring and carpet installers that pay strict attention to detail and meet the highest requirements for expertise, know-how and amazing customer service to obtain your satisfaction and enjoyment for you home. Make use of stunning new flooring and amazingly affordable flooring installation for beautiful new floors you and your family will absolutely enjoy for years to come like:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Quality Carpet
  • Laminate Floors
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Vinyl Floors

Your many flooring options include new vinyl flooring and quality Installation from a trusted name. You’ll love the striking new designs, many colors and tremendous value that new technology vinyl flooring offers at amazing cost per value ratios; new advanced Vinyl flooring delivers you sturdiness, relaxation and natural splendor like you would expect from hardwood floors or ceramic tile, but at dramatically lower pricing and value you’ll love.

Visually Stunning And Very Attractive Hardwood Floors

Construction Collective has been installing hardwood floors in Metro Detroit Homes just like yours since our original conception over 12 years ago. Whether it’s nailed down, glued or floating you can trust on us for expert flooring Installation and the highest level of professional expertise. Great care and precision goes into every aspect of installing hardwood floors; from the initial planning and preparation to placing down your hardwood floor panels correctly and evenly to prevent any difficulties down the road as everything naturally wears and ages. Your experienced hardwood flooring installer will correctly reduce and assemble the correct square footage beforehand to ensuring that spacing is perfect. They will then take care to insure your new hardwood floor will settle properly for a longer life and more durability. Also, when your hardwood flooring is complete our installers will give you helpful suggestions on the appropriate care and long-term maintenance for extended life and lasting beauty.

Professional Carpet Installation That’s Second To None

There’s a HUGE difference between a carpet installation specialist and a rookie. We’ve assembled a core group of seasoned and experienced carpet installers from around Metro Detroit and Michigan to guarantee you the finest quality installation for your carpet choice. There’s no type of flooring installation that is beyond our reach, and your friendly carpet installers have all the latest and greatest equipment and resources to ensure the best possible carpet installation for your specific living space. Our highly trained and experienced carpet crews install over 1,000,000 square yards of carpet per year, and we specialize in all residential, commercial and industrial carpet installations inside and outside of your building. We use only the proper floor groundwork; tacking, gluing and other proven methods as a part of the overall process for ensuring that your carpet installation is completed the right way. This ensures you will benefit from years and years of use with no surprises from your new carpet.

Durable New Technology Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has a lot of the same features and elegance of the hardwood floor, and is typically recognized for its endurance after long use. Laminate floors provide the advantage of requiring less maintenance and upkeep in comparison to hardwood floors. Your laminate flooring installer uses their training and experience to deliver your correctly installed flooring, and your floors are correctly cut and installed to optimize beauty and durability. Special attention and great care go into the finished product for years of enjoyment from your new floor; and your installers will with do everything humanly possible to guarantee the fulfillment you deserve from great flooring that’s been properly installed. Laminate flooring is a great alternative with regards to its overall value, and we will be more than happy to answer every question you may have during your FREE consultation.

Sturdy And Long-Lasting Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile floors installed by Construction Collective are a great option for your kitchen, Bathroom, basement and entrance ways. You can place your full confidence in our experienced installers that deliver you elegance and high quality floors that meet, or even exceed all your expectations. Ceramic tile floors have been part of our flooring options for many years, and your floor installers understand how to correctly deal with all floor preparation, complex cutting and appropriate piecing of each and every little section of your new ceramic floor.  Our installers are highly trained pros that are pre-qualified for all conditions in a home or facility, and use the latest techniques and proven old ‘tricks’ to deliver your home’s floor the beauty and durability you and your family deserve.

Versatile And Value-Added Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are a universally accepted remedy for long use and extra amazing value for any home owner or business owner. We have installers on-staff to ensure that your old floor is correctly prepped and ready before your new vinyl floor is installed. Great attention to detail delivers a finished product that’s correctly laid down the right way, and we hide any defects from your old floor when the new floor is positioned over top. Your installer will have the experience to suggest whether a new sub-floor will be needed; or maybe the use of an embossing leveler is needed at time of placement. Vinyl floors are simple and easy floor to maintain, and your installer to provide you with the appropriate instructions of care and maintenance of your new floor, so you can enjoy all the benefits of this value-added choice of flooring options.

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