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5 Ways To Use Your Remodeled Basement

Unfinished Basement Remodeling IdeasYou know you want to remodel your basement, but you’re just not sure what to use the space for. While you can just put up walls and call it a day, you’re much better off having a plan of action before you invest in basement remodeling. That way you can have walls, plumbing, and flooring installed to accommodate whatever your future needs are. Here are five ways to use your remodeled basement.

Media Room

You can take movie night to a whole new level with a downstairs media room. Get a big projector screen to play your movies on, and invest in theater seating for your basement. You could even get a popcorn machine and soda machine down there to set the vibe for your entertainment. Just be careful – your media room may be so good that you never want to go to the theaters again!

Man Cave

At Construction Collective, we love building man caves for people. That has grown to be one of our specialties over the years. Reward the man in your life with a place to call his own, whether it be a downstairs bar or a calming oasis and sauna. Tailor the room to suit his liking.

Personal Gym

Like to work out? Why not have a personal gym in your home? You can set up an entire basement dedicated to helping you stay fit. It might be wise to include a resting area, a bathroom, and a wet bar with mini fridge in the space so you don’t have to go back upstairs for anything you need. Grab a water, take a quick rest, and then get back to working out.

Game Room

Create a new space to hang out as a family. You can put in a pool table, air hockey table, dart board, foosball table, arcade games, video game consoles, and so much more. You can turn a man cave into a game room, but the games will be tailored to adults. In this case, there will be fun available for everyone.

Income Apartment

If your basement is big enough, you could turn it into an apartment to give you a little extra income each month. With the right amount of rooms and high quality finishes in place, you could pay for most or all of your mortgage just in your rental fees. Check out our post titled “Is Your Home Suited To Be An Income Property?” to determine if your home would make a good fit for this setup.

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